Solve your food recruitment headaches in less than 20 minutes.

With food recruitment expert Madison Kavanagh

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Madison Kavanagh
Commercial Manager

At Everest People Solutions, we know your time is precious.

In the same amount of time it takes to decide what to watch on Netflix, you could be addressing your recruitment challenges!

That’s why we launched our “20 Minutes or Less” initiative — a quick, effective service designed to directly tackle your staffing needs. In just a 20-minute call with our food industry recruitment specialist, Madison Kavanagh, you’ll explore your recruitment gaps, discuss the challenges you face, and learn how Everest can help streamline your hiring process.

Whether you need temporary, permanent, interim, global, or engineering staff, we’re ready to connect you with our extensive pool of qualified candidates.

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Your expert in food industry talent.

I’m Madison Kavanagh, your go-to expert in food industry recruitment.
With lots of experience and a real grasp of what makes this sector tick, I’ve successfully matched the right people with the right jobs, from startups to big companies. My hands-on approach means I’m all about getting you the top talent that fits exactly what you need and when you need it.

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Transform your team in
just 20 minutes!

In 20 minutes or less, we can quickly pinpoint the roles and skills that your team needs to succeed.

We will tackle your recruitment challenges head-on and find out what obstacles you are facing so I can show you how our custom solutions will fit your unique needs.

Whether you need temporary help or permanent placements, local or global talent – I can help!

You’ll get a sneak peek at our extensive talent pool and learn how our proactive sourcing gives you access to talent other recruitment businesses can’t reach.

This call is your chance to get expert advice and answers tailored to your needs in the food industry.

Ready to make your recruitment process as efficient as it should be? Book your “20 Minutes or Less” call with me, Madison, and let’s sort out those recruitment headaches!

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They said it, not us

“I can’t recommend Everest highly enough. They showed a real commitment to understanding our business needs. What sets Everest apart is their ability to give us access to engineering skills that aren’t readily available in the UK. Our engineering team is now filled with skilled, hardworking individuals, and our recruitment worries are gone.”

Salisbury Poultry

“Everest took the time to understand our needs in fine detail, delivering exactly what we needed. Without them, finding a solution within the UK, especially so quickly, would have been impossible. Now, we have a skilled, passionate, and dedicated workforce, grateful for the opportunity, rarely calling in sick, and smiling through their shifts.”

Premier Fish

Discover how easy and effective recruiting can be with the right expert on your side.

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Everest People Solutions:
Experts in Food Recruitment


At Everest People Solutions, we are dedicated to transforming the recruitment landscape for the food industry. With a deep understanding of the sector’s unique demands and challenges, our team, led by experts like Madison Kavanagh, is committed to connecting businesses with the top talent they need to succeed.

We specialise in providing tailored recruitment solutions, whether you’re seeking temporary help, permanent placements, or specialised roles across local and global markets. Our approach combines proactive sourcing with a deep network of professionals to ensure you have access to the best candidates — those who can make an immediate and positive impact on your business.

Our mission at Everest is to make your recruitment process as efficient and stress-free as possible. By understanding your specific needs and challenges, we create customised strategies that go beyond filling positions—they help build your future.

From identifying the right skills and roles to tackling recruitment challenges, Everest is here to support every step of your hiring journey. Partner with us and see how we turn recruitment into a powerful tool for business growth and success.

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