About Everest Hero

About Everest
People Solutions

Founded after the post-Brexit worker immigration law changes and increased competition from a shrinking workforce, we proactively adapt to market changes and connect the best people to the right roles by discovering untapped talent pools.
Our forward-thinking recruitment strategies allow our clients to navigate through skill and labour shortages and adapt to economic, social, and technological shifts. This ensures they are well-equipped to maintain their competitive advantage.

Our Culture

Our expert teams work hard to get to know you, your company culture, and your challenges – having this level of understanding means we can connect you with the people you need. However, it’s not just about sourcing great talent; it’s about ensuring the workers we recruit are the right fit for your organisation and can make a positive impact immediately.

We are proud of the company values that shape our working culture, underpinning our actions and decisions. Our values are a visual set of standards to inform our business partners, candidates and employees what to expect when they work with us.

Our Values


You can expect our team to expertly listen, prioritise your needs and efficiently achieve your desired outcomes.


Continue to be innovative in all that we do to discover new untapped talent pools.


Ensure compliance and make the right business, people and environmental decisions.

Meet Our Team

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Chris Fleming

Boss man
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Laura Jenkins

Interim Head of Permanent Recruitment
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Paul Brogan

Engineering Lead
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Madison Kavanagh

Commercial Manager
Madison Kavanagh

Luke Gambrill

Lead Engineering Recruiter
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Why partner with
Everest People Solutions?

Working with multiple recruiters or the wrong recruiter can be frustrating and time-consuming.
At Everest People Solutions, we take the burden of recruitment off your shoulders, making hiring new talent into your business the exciting and enjoyable process it should be.
Whether it be a team of globally sourced engineers, an executive search for your next Managing Director, an Interim Head of Technical, or a volume of temporary staff for your next seasonal project, we provide a complete recruitment solution for food producers and manufacturers in the UK and Ireland.
By partnering with Everest People Solutions for your recruitment needs, you will benefit from our expertise, experience, and industry-leading candidate network.

Our Services

Changing workforce dynamics, a shrinking talent pool and increased project output are leading to skill shortages in almost every sector of the food industry.
Our approach is continuously evolving to meet the changing demands of the market, ensuring we provide flexible and strategic staffing solutions that align with our clients’ needs today and in the future.
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Temporary Recruitment

Are you facing an unexpected absence, a last-minute vacancy, or a need to ramp up your workforce to meet seasonal demand? We are the go-to partner for swift, reliable, compliant recruitment solutions.
Permanent Recruitment Icon

Permanent Recruitment

Do you need access to the best people to fill your permanent jobs? We have a talent pool of qualified, skilled and exceptional candidates on demand. Our industry-leading retention rates speak for themselves.
Interim Recruitment Icon

Interim Recruitment

Do you have a gap in your business or a project looming? We’ll provide you with access to a pool of highly skilled, immediately available professional interims who can seamlessly integrate into your organisation.
Engineering Recruitment Icon

Engineering Recruitment

Are you struggling to recruit quality engineers? We provide the industry’s most complete recruitment solution—whether you need a contractor on-site within 24 hours or a team of globally sourced engineers.
Global Recruitment Icon

Global Recruitment

Feeling the effects of the UK skills shortage? Then look no further – we provide access to an unparalleled, robust and compliant global talent network, ensuring you have the best skills and experience in your business.

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