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High demand for experienced bakery professionals

At Everest People Solutions, we recognise that bakery recruitment is one of the most competitive hiring processes in the industry today. Whether you need a skilled temporary worker or a long-term permanent employee – our team can help.
We also understand that you need to plan your bakery hires for temporary workers ahead of your busy periods, and our team’s expertise can ensure your business runs smoothly.

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Opportunities in the baking industry

The baking industry is a significant employer in the country, providing over 75,000 jobs. This workforce is notably diverse, with 30% working part-time and a slight majority of 53% being female.

Did you know?

British women eat around 76g of bread every day while men consume approximately 113g a day.

Economic Value

The UK baking sector is now worth £4.4 billion and is the largest within the UK food industry with at least 2,661 baked food manufacturing businesses.
From plant bakeries, in-store bakeries and craft bakeries, the industry is forecast to grow a further 0.4% in the next year. Additionally, there are 1,644 bakery cafe UK businesses, which is an increase of 1.3% over the past 12 months. To read more about the growth of the bakery industry, click here.
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