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Skill shortages across the UK and global supply chain

At Everest People Solutions, we understand the specific challenges of the UK supply chain and know that skill shortages are a concern for supply chain professionals and managers. In addition, global supply chains are facing a shortage of skilled supply chain management professionals, which is affecting supply chain performance and resilience.
We have an excellent track record of placing well-matched, skilled candidates with in-depth knowledge of the market and the complexities surrounding food-safe supply. We hand-pick the very best people, ensuring your business has the best chance of success. We are experts in supporting businesses in the food sector that require specific supply chain expertise.

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Opportunities in the supply chain sector

The supply chain is one of the largest employment sectors in the UK, employing over 2 million people, which is 7% of the UK’s workforce. It provides roles from HGV drivers, as well as those staffing warehouses, technology, engineering, and managerial positions.

Did you know?

89% of all products in the United Kingdom are transported by road freight.

Economic Value

The UK baking sector is now worth £4.4 billion and is the largest within the UK food industry with at least 2,661 baked food manufacturing businesses.
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Typical Roles

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