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At Everest People Solutions, we have intimate understanding of the protein sector, which helped shape our foundation as a business. From the boardroom to the boning hall, we have been supplying meat, poultry, and seafood businesses with new talent since our inception. Our recruitment specialists have deep knowledge of the sector, and a passion for finding the right people to work in it.
We help organisations to hire experienced workers with specific skills in the likes of butchery and slaughterhouse work and have also built up a strong reputation for introducing high quality new talent into the sector – people who are enthusiastic to learn new skills and join an industry where the opportunities for growth and progression are extensive. Whether you are looking to recruit a high volume of staff for a new facility, or simply to provide cover for skills shortages or seasonal fluctuations in demand – we can help.

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Opportunities in the meat, fish and poultry industry

Employing around 97,000 people with a large range of job roles, it has experienced ongoing skill shortages resulting in recruitment issues, with butchers being the most in demand profession within the sector.

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The average person in the UK eats 18.2kg of beef (raw weight) a year.

Economic Value

The meat, poultry and fish industry in the UK is a complex network of farmers, processors, distributors, and retailers. It includes everything from small-scale farms to large industrial operations. Each stage of the process plays an important role in getting food from farm to table.
At its core, this industry is all about feeding people. Meat, poultry, and fish are staples of many diets around the world. In fact, they provide essential nutrients like protein that our bodies need to function properly. However, large-scale food production presents significant challenges.
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