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Employment within the dairy industry & associated sectors

At Everest People Solutions, we know the dairy industry plays a crucial role in supporting other industries, such as the food and drink sector, which relies heavily on dairy products as ingredients for their products.
Our team specialise in recruiting the next wave of professionals to meet the growing demand for this valuable global commodity. We help dairy farmers, producers, and processing companies hire the competencies to run efficient, cost-effective operations. From production, purchasing and processing to storage and supply of dairy products in the market, we source people with the right skills and dedication to their work, helping your business meet its obligations and grow to the next level and beyond.

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Opportunities in the milk and dairy sector

The dairy industry in the UK provides a wide range of jobs, from farm workers to milkmen, cheese makers, and dairy product manufacturers, and includes the processing and distribution of fresh milk, milk powders, and other dairy products.

Did you know?

Dairy cattle have a visual field of almost 360° but have trouble seeing things from head on!

Economic Value

The UK’s Dairy industry is a significant part of the UK’s agricultural sector, with over 13,000 dairy farms and around 1.9 million dairy cows in the country.
Dairy products are a staple in many households, with fresh milk being the most consumed dairy product in the UK. In fact, the average person in the UK consumes around 70 litres of fresh milk per year. The UK’s dairy industry is represented by Dairy UK, a trade association that promotes the interests of dairy farmers and processors in the country. To find out more about Dairy UK, click here.
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